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Michael Andersen Featured in Kiplinger | Retirement Milestones You Can’t Afford to Miss

You probably know the significance of age 65 (Medicare!). But how about age 50? Or age 59½? Or 62? These are just a few of the important milestones that retirees and future retirees need to prepare for. Most Americans still think about retirement as something that will happen around age 65 – give or take a few years. That’s when you reach the traditional milestones: Medicare kicks in, and Social Security is available should you need or want to start making withdrawals. But there are other deadlines – both before and after your mid-60s – that are important to keep in mind if you want to make the most of your investments, avoid government penalties and save on taxes. Here’s a quick checklist:

Are You Prepared for a Financial Emergency?

Throughout our lives we are faced with unplanned events that can have a lasting impact on your finances if you haven’t planned in advance for them.

Simple Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself from Cyber Threats

With the recent cyber threats that impacted businesses and individuals it is a reminder that technology is exponentially expanding and proliferating our personal and professional lives more and more each day. While this brings its advantages and efficiencies, it also opens us up to many kinds of threats to our privacy and security.

Retirement Planning: Five Steps for Peace of Mind

When it comes to planning for retirement, peace of mind and relaxation are not the first emotions that come to mind. Though it is peace of mind and relaxation that people are ultimately striving for in their planning efforts.

Markets Go up and down but Keep Your Eye on the Prize

One of our responsibilities as an investment advisor is to help you put market news in its proper perspective, especially when the media is reporting global market corrections in the wake of political events.

If you're reading the popular press, you're seeing a lot of storm and fury having to do with the election, Russia, Brexit, Trump's first 100 days. As the popular media scrambles to explain the unexplainable – what is going on in the markets at the moment and how long it's going to last – we thought we'd share a headline of our own:

"The stock market is a giant distraction to the business of investing."

So said Vanguard founder John Bogle in his 2007 classic, "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing." These are timeless words to invest by, as is Bogle's deeper explanation of them:

"The expectations market is about speculation. The real market is about investing. The only logical conclusion: the stock market is a giant distraction that causes investors to focus on transitory and volatile investment expectations rather than on what is really important – the gradual accumulation of the returns earned by corporate business."