We are facing something we have never faced before in our lifetimes. That is a fact and, during a time, when the news of the pandemic spreading and the recommendations on social distancing getting broader by the day, it can be hard to feel certain or safe about anything.

The measures taken by leaders around the globe have been strong leaving most children without a classroom to go to, parents working from home or without a job altogether and investors panicking about what is to come.

This disruption to daily life and to our psyches is substantial and it’s terrible. The coming weeks will not be easy, but these measures are practical and prudent.

During this recorded call, we will be addressing the economic impact of this pandemic, its effects on your financial plan and investments, how we will be conducting business during this time, our office cleaning procedures, office hours, upcoming events and how we will monitor and handle the ongoing changes associated with this virus.

Please take a listen and do not hesitate to contact us with questions and concerns you may have.

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