What to Be Aware of On Your Retirement Journey

retirement journey

Michael Andersen is back again this week to provide more insights and tips for retirement planning. In this episode of Wise Money, Micahel discusses what sorts of things to look out for as you navigate through retirement as they may be a threat to your carefully curated retirement plans.

One of the biggest threats to your retirement may very well be changes in tax rates, which force you to re-assess your tax savings strategies and scramble to protect your savings. As we anxiously await to see what taxes will look like in the upcoming year under the Biden administration, Michael Andersen wants to provide you with some tangible steps that you can take to keep higher taxes from forcing you to take a pay cut in retirement.

Tune in to find out more about how you can better prepare yourself for potential tax raises. If you’d like help protecting your plans for retirement, please contact us today at (410)690-4894.

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