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“If a story touches you, it will stay with you, haunting the places in your mind that you rarely ever visit.” – Neil Gaiman

AWM Great Books

Whether fiction or nonfiction, great books have the power to influence people’s lives in incredible and unpredictable ways. The team at Andersen Wealth Management recommends the following books as part of the AWM Great Books giveaway.

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48 laws of power

This Month’s Great Book

Title: The 48 Laws of Power

Author: Robert Greene, with producer Joost Elffers

Year Published: 2000

A national bestseller that has captivated readers for more than two decades, Robert Greene and Joost Elffers craft a no-nonsense list of 48 laws on the concept of power: how to see it, how to get it and how to defend against it.

Using 3,000 years of history on the subject and drawing from everyone in the power game from Sun Tzu to P.T. Barnum, this book is a bold read for those truly seeking the top.

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