Preparing for retirement should create excitement, not concern. Yet, for many, that’s not necessarily the case.


According to a recent study from the Society of Actuaries Research Institute, about 64% of pre-retirees do not have a plan for how much money they will spend each year in retirement and where that money will come from.1 Additionally, in a separate study from the National Institute on Retirement Security, more than two-thirds of Americans (67%) say the nation faces a retirement crisis, and more than half of Americans (56%) are concerned about achieving financial security in retirement.2

That’s where we come in.

At Andersen Wealth Management, we can offer you the following products and services:

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We use insurance products, such as fixed annuities, and a variety of investment products to help you build financial strategies. From tax-efficient strategies to investment advice to protecting some of your assets — we’ll cover as many bases as possible to help you create a strategy that supports your retirement lifestyle and long-term financial goals.

Once we understand your financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment objectives, we can help you decide which types of products and services fit within your financial strategy.

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