VIP Club

Here’s our story. We look forward to hearing yours.

About The Andersen VIP Club

Our VIP club is our way of recognizing and thanking clients who trust us with their friends, family, colleagues and loved ones. As a referral-centric firm, these contacts are the lifeblood of our practice, and we thrive on the success and happiness of our clients. Our dearest hope is that each of our clients grows to trust and value our service enough to refer those closest to them. Because we invest deeply in our client relationships, we believe that referrals allow us to grow our firm while building a community of interesting, like-minded people.

In order to become a member of the VIP Club, all you need to do is refer one person per year. Anyone who refers five people is a member for life. We don’t require that referrals become clients; lifelong relationships are built over time and we simply ask for an introduction in one of our offices.

We honor our clients for their trust and loyalty by hosting events and trips that are only for members of the VIP Club. Our goal is to explore interesting places and treat our clients to exclusive, world-class experiences.

Past events have included a spring winery tour, a sunset dinner cruise and other exclusive events for our members. In the future, we plan to organize other luxury events, such as a whiskey distillery tour.