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How Can I Maximize my Social Security Benefits?

The amount that you receive from Social Security is based upon your earnings history and the age at which you claim your benefit. Some people who are married or who have been married, may be able to engage in Spousal Claiming Strategies. A series of ways to claim off of a spouse or former spouse…

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

If your only income is Social Security, chances are it’s going to be tax-free. If you have other forms of reported income, it could count towards a formula called provisional income, which determines whether or not your Social Security benefit is partially or nearly fully taxed. If you’re concerned about the taxation of Social Security,…

How Can I Pay The Least Amount of Taxes on My Money?

The key to paying the least amount of taxes is to have a great Tax advisor, Accountant or CPA. Tax laws are changing all the time. Sometimes in your favor, sometimes not. Don’t base your long-term plans on the concept of static laws.

How Do I Need For Retirement

Mandatory Expenses: -Food. -Fuel. -Healthcare. Are your mandatory Expenses Covered? Then you can look at essential expenses like: -Pensions. -Annuities. -401 (k). -IRA. -Retirement Account. With these essential expenses you are actually paying to increase your net worth in the future.

Can I Start Investing With a Small Amount Of Money?

The Key To Investing: -Invest Early & -Invest Often. Some financial products have limitations in terms of minimum account size. Other financial products may carry a commission or a transaction cost that could make it not cost-effective.

Where Are Long-term Versus Short-term Capital Gains?

If you purchase something and sell it for a profit you’ve created a GAIN. The opposite creates a LOSS. A GAIN outside of a retirement account is going to be taxed. Depending upon your income level and how long you owned it before you sold it determines whether or not the gain is short-term or…

Are CD’s Insured by Banks?

CD stands for Certificate of Deposit. It is a loanership investment meaning you are agreeing to loan the bank your money for a predetermined period of time and they are going to pay you interest and returning your money to you at the end of that period. CD’s are guaranteed by the bank, and if…

When am I Able To Collect Social Security?

Let’s Talk Social Security- If you work for 10 years, you’re generally eligible for benefits as early as the age of 62 unless you are a widow, which you may be eligible for them earlier. Most Americans know when you turn 62, you can claim Social Security. But we also know that isn’t the full…

What Type Of Annuity Typically Utilizes Mutual Funds?

A variable annuity typically utilizes mutual funds. An annuity pays income on a regular basis, usually monthly, to the holders. With a variable annuity, money is invested in subaccounts. Similar to mutual funds, they are investments that participate directly in whatever the investment is. Variable annuities can go down or up depending on the stock,…

How Are Most Stocks Bought And Sold?

Investment Portfolio Needs: Retirement Income- Look at purchasing investments that generate dividends or interest payments. Growth- Look at purchasing investments oriented towards appreciation in the price of the investment.