What the National Debt Means for Your Financial Future

how the national debt may impact your retirement plans

It seems that with each day the national debt climbs higher and higher. And as it continues to pile up, our leaders in Congress continue the debate over the debt ceiling, national spending, and what the best course of action should be for the country moving forward. But what does all of this mean for you?

This week on Wise Money, Michael is here to discuss all things related to the national debt and your retirement plans. He begins the conversation by talking about potential fallouts we can see within the economy should the U.S. continue to struggle with getting our debt under control, such as a lack of funds to pay Social Security and pensions. He also shares ways that you can expect these changes to impact your retirement plans. But not to worry! Michael also gives some strategies that you can safeguard your savings against the consequences of America’s debt.

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