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You need a plan as you get closer to retirement — a plan that will take you from where you are now to the retirement you’ve always dreamed about. The first step on that path is to tune in to "Wise Money" with Michael Andersen. You only retire once, but Michael helps people retire every day. Don’t miss the "Wise Money" show with Michael Andersen.

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Start 2023 Off on the Right Foot

financial planning

Michael Andersen is here this week to give his advice on how to strategize and plan your money like a pro so that you’re in the best position possible as we look toward the upcoming new year.

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Wealth Management Tips for Financial Planning Month

financial planning tips

While financial planning is necessary at all times throughout the year, October is Financial Planning month and Michael Andersen is celebrating by giving you some key financial planning tips. 

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Money Moves You Should be Making

money moves

Michael Andersen is here this week to give you some smart money moves that you can make right now to bolster your savings and protect your retirement.

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Navigating a Changing Retirement Landscape

retirement planning

In this episode, Michael Andersen discusses what changes you can expect with The SECURE Act 2.0 and how they may impact your retirement plans.

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Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place Financially?

retirement planning

If you’ve been second-guessing your financial decisions and struggling to find confidence with your retirement plan, this episode is for you.

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Should You Be Worried About Outliving Your Savings?

outliving your savings

Find out ways that you can safeguard your savings to last as long as your retirement even in the face of inflation.

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How to Know When You’re Retirement Ready

retirement ready

Michael Andersen introduces his retirement checklist that’s meant to help retirees know exactly when they’re ready for retirement.

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Maintaining the Right Perspective

maintaining perspective

This week, Michael Andersen is here to help you keep the right perspective in the face of economic hardships.

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How to Protect Your Retirement Savings in the Face of a Potential Recession

protect retirement savings in the face of a potential recession

Michael Andersen shares ways that you can protect your retirement savings in the face of a potential recession and volatile market.

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The Only Thing That Stays The Same Is Change

financial planning,wealth management

The Secure Act 2.0 could bring some major legislative changes regarding retirement and a Wealth Advisor can help you unpack it.

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