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You need a plan as you get closer to retirement — a plan that will take you from where you are now to the retirement you’ve always dreamed about. The first step on that path is to tune in to "Wise Money" with Michael Andersen. You only retire once, but Michael helps people retire every day. Don’t miss the "Wise Money" show with Michael Andersen.

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Implementing a Strong Financial Strategy

financial strategy

Now is the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in terms of building your wealth, growing your investments, and increasing your net worth, as well as what areas may need some changing.

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Setting Financial Goals for 2022

financial goals

Setting resolutions requires intention and reflection, but resolutions are easy to break without discipline and determination.

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Have You Been Naughty or Nice with Retirement Planning?

retirement planning

The holidays are the perfect time to take stock and think about what has been working for you and what might need to be changed in the new year to bring you closer to your long-term financial goals.

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Building Your Retirement Checklist

retirement checklist

This week, Michael Andersen is here to go over what you should have on your retirement checklist.

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How Much Can Your Savings Handle?

protect your savings

Michael Andersen is here this week to go over strategies for you to protect your savings from an unpredictable economy.

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Weathering the Storm of an Uncertain Future

weathering the storm

Michael Andersen is here this week to talk about how you can prepare your finances, savings, and investments in the face of unpredictable forces.

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Understanding the Potential Impact of Biden’s Tax Plan

biden's tax plan

This week on Wise Money, Michael Andersen is here to discuss the potential impact this tax proposal could have on your retirement savings.

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Are You Following Your Financial Compass?

financial compass

Just like a compass would help someone lost in the woods find their way back home, the financial compass works to help retirees find and stay on the right path to a strong financial future and a successful retirement.

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Creating a Retirement Income Strategy

creating a retirement income strategy

In the face of a potential post-pandemic economic fallout and an ever-present threat of tax increases, it’s incredibly jarring to learn that many American’s seem to be coming up short on just how long they expect their retirement savings are going to need to last.

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Retirement Planning in the Face of Higher Taxes

retirement planning in the face of higher taxes

Michael Andersen is here this week to discuss a possible Capital Gains Tax increase and who exactly will feel an uptick in taxes the most.

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