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Plan Around What You Know and Adjust As You Go

plan around what you know

As we wrap up the recent elections and approach the end of 2020, it’s important to be sure that you take the necessary steps so that you can start 2021 off on the right financial foot. That means making sure you maxed out any retirement contributions you have for plans through your work and making sure that you’ve taken any and all necessary tax moves that you need might need for your 2021 tax return. Ultimately, even though we’ve been living through seasons of intense change it seems, the basic fundamentals for our financial planning have stayed the same: plan around what you know and adjust as you go.

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Where Do We Go From Here? Retirement Planning After the Election

retirement planning

While this isn’t a political show, the reality is that whoever wins the Presidential election will have a real effect on the economy, our future taxes, and as a result, our retirement savings. So, how can you best build a retirement plan that will stay steady no matter who wins the election? That’s what today’s episode is all about.

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How to Plan for the Future In the Face of Unpredictability

plan for the future

As humans, our brains are wired for the predictable, so making it through 2020 and all of its unpredictability has been incredibly hard. This episode is all about how to plan for the future when we have so many things distracting us and pushing us off course. Michael Andersen will also touch on risks that you should be prepared for as you plan for retirement, and how to mitigate them.

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How the National Debt May Affect Your Retirement Plans

national debt

Michael Andersen uses this episode of Wise Money to discuss the ways in which your retirement planning, and things such as Social Security and Medicare, are going to be affected by the nation’s growing debt. As well as steps that you can take to ensure that no matter what comes, you’re staying on track to accomplish your retirement and financial goals.

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Looking Forward Towards 2021: Is It Too Soon?

2021: Too Soon?

Though things may seem pretty divided now, studies suggest that we can all agree on one thing: 2020 has been really rough. With depression rates almost tripling, it can be tempting to just want to forget about the next few months and look towards 2021. However, is that a wise move?

In this episode, Michael Andersen discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding what could happen over the next three months and how it may affect the economy, the stock markets, and your retirement plans. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss.

And as always, the best way to protect your retirement for anything the future may bring is to implement a retirement plan that’s strong and sturdy. If you’d like help with your retirement plan, please contact Michael today at 410-690-4894.

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Proceed With Caution: What’s Your Risk Ratio?


A lot of people have a fixed income rate once in retirement, but what happens if the cost of living and medical care goes up while your retirement income stays stagnant? In this episode of Wise Money, Michael Andersen provides some of his ideas and tips for building a retirement plan that can support you, even through inflation.

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Should You Be Concerned About Your Social Security Benefits


It’s estimated that a couple will spend about $1,250,000 over the course of their retired life, which comes down to around $100,000 yearly. That’s a lot of change! In this episode of Wise Money, Michael Andersen discusses things that you can do to prepare for this price tag so that even when your income stops, you’re still able to thrive during retirement.

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The Economy and Elections

economy and elections

How much effect do political elections and parties have on the markets and our economy? It turns out quite a lot, depending on the economic policies that are passed! Michael Andersen breaks down how he sees the markets reacting to this upcoming election and what could happen depending on who wins the presidential nominee.

If you heard anything interesting on this show that you want to talk to Michael about, or if you feel that you would benefit from talking to a financial advisor about your retirement plans, please contact Michael today!

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Retirement Planning: Coronavirus Edition


This episode of Wise Money is all about how to think about your retirement plans in an economy that’s been significantly changed due to COVID-19. Michael discusses retirement contributions, IRA’s, early retirement, helping family members, and more.

If you want to learn more about what was discussed today or talk to Michael about your retirement worries, please contact him today at 800-727-7035.

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Re-assessing Your Retirement Plan Strategy

Retirement Planning, wealth management, personal finances

In a survey done by Edward Jones, it was reported that 68 million American’s are changing their retirement plans due to the Coronavirus. What does this mean for your personal plans?

When it comes to planning for retirement, the best plans are the ones that leave space for unseen downfalls, such as the economic volatility we are witnessing now. In this episode of Wise Money, Michael discusses whether it’s a good idea to re-assess your retirement plans or ride the pandemic wave through before making adjustments; and just how to handle this uncertainty so that you can still achieve the retirement of your dreams.

If you’re looking for help or guidance for your own personal retirement planning, don’t hesitate to call Andersen Wealth Management at (410) 690-4894.

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