Helping Your Aging Parents Get Organized and Age in Place

As people advance in age there are necessary steps to take to help them unburden the physical demands of getting around. Helping aging parents organize their physical space to ensure their ability to move safely through their home is important, but it is important to help them reduce their mental strain too.

Organizing paperwork and bills, showing them where and how to access vital information and reducing their clutter can help those in old age to stay safely in their homes without feeling overwhelmed and confined by clutter and disarray.  The following is a guide to help people stay independent and mentally and physically uncluttered as they age

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How Do You Define Financial Success?

When it comes to happiness, success is often synonymous. But what, exactly, does that mean to you?

If we see a person who is successful, it is often assumed that they are happy. On an existential level we should consider what it all means. In reality, we actually have no idea whether or not that person is either happy or successful; for a couple of reasons: First of all, we can only measure someone else’s success or happiness by what we know about them. Secondly, and more importantly, we can only measure someone else’s success or happiness by how we define success and happiness. There is really no way of knowing whether their measures are even similar to our own.

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Michael Andersen Featured in Kiplinger | Retirement Milestones You Can’t Afford to Miss

You probably know the significance of age 65 (Medicare!). But how about age 50? Or age 59½? Or 62? These are just a few of the important milestones that retirees and future retirees need to prepare for.

Most Americans still think about retirement as something that will happen around age 65 – give or take a few years.

That’s when you reach the traditional milestones: Medicare kicks in, and Social Security is available should you need or want to start making withdrawals.

But there are other deadlines – both before and after your mid-60s – that are important to keep in mind if you want to make the most of your investments, avoid government penalties and save on taxes. Here’s a quick checklist:

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