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Archive for January 2020

Maintaining the Health of Your Wealth

You keep your physical health in check with regular visits to your doctor, the same principle applies to the health of your wealth. Checking in regularly with your financial advisor can help you stay on track with your goals, address any problems that arise, and keep your finances healthy and flourishing.

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Four Ways You Can Avoid Retirement Tax Surprises

According to Nationwide Retirement Institute, nearly half of retirees wish they had been better prepared for the taxes they would pay in their retirement years. In fact, a full 25 percent reported paying thousands more than expected. These surprise expenses can be frustrating at best and downright painful at worst, and they’re getting more and more common as retirees rely on tax-deferred options like 401(k) accounts.

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Planning for an Extended Retirement

Planning for retirement in an age of increased longevity poses a different set of challenges. Today on Wise Money, Michael Andersen will cover how you can make the best decisions for the possibility of an extended retirement.

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