Staying Active in Retirement

The time you’ve been working, planning, and saving for has finally arrived! You’re retired. You can travel, you can spend time with your spouse, you can attack that bucket list. After a short time though, you may find the excitement of this new chapter ebb and the reality of how much actual time you have in a day. If like a lot of us, you’d spent most of your adult life working and/or chasing kids, the lack of a schedule may prove a little more challenging than expected.

This is why it’s so important to stay active in your retirement. Active, in this case, is not just exercise, though that is definitely a major factor, but also active socially and in your community. Social connections, friendships and having reasons to get out the door, outside, and into the world keep us healthy and happier into retirement.

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Wise Money | Cultivating Confidence in Your Financial Plans

Unfortunately, too many people lack confidence in their financial plans for retirement. Without confidence, any financial plan is susceptible to falling apart. Today Michael is going to try to help replace that sense of unease with self-assurance by discussing four proven pathways to a financially confident retirement.

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