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What Is An Emergency Fund? – Why do You Need One?

Having an emergency fund is absolutely key to long term financial success. You don’t want one unexpected event to trigger a snowball effect of lack of funds growth in debt. Keeping 6 months of living expenses on hand in a savings or money market account will help you weather the storm in the event of…

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What Is Net Worth – How to Calculate Your Net Worth

“Everything you own minus everything you owe.” The calculation is always the same — Asset – Liabilities = Net Worth. So, when you’re thinking about retirement it is important to know you are on track to have your net worth to be at level where your assets are high enough that the money can be…

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How to Avoid Retirement Tax Surprises

Retiring can come with some expensive surprises. To avoid getting hit with unexpected expenses when you retire, financial advisors suggest planning as far in advance. Even if you are just about to retire, there are a few tips that can save you a lot of money and headaches when you file your taxes. Since nearly half of retirees wish they had been better prepared for the jump in taxes in retirement. 1 in 4 says they paid thousands more than they anticipated, getting educated can be a real wallet saver. This is truer than ever for the upcoming retirees, as they are more likely to use tax-deferred options, like 401(k)s, as a main source of income.

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