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Archive for June 2019

What Is a Cash Flow Statement? | Statement of Cash Flows

Your Cash Flow Statement is the most important statement you can have. It measures how much money comes into your household vs expenses. A cash flow statement is income minus expenses. It is with this document that you can determine what you can save and what you can spend. It will also help you to…

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How do I Pick Investment For The 401(K)?

Look at the list of options the employer makes available. Before you choose investments, it is important to know what your asset allocation should be. Also, when selecting a mutual fund or funds look at the manager of the fund and research what their level of experience is. This can often be a key into…

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What Is An IRA? | Explanation Of IRA

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account. An investment / saving account given favorable tax treatment by the government. Depending upon your income, IRA contributions may be tax deductible. IRAs are tax-favourable investing tools for individuals to earmark their retirement savings.

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To the Health of Your Retirement!

Taking care of your personal health is important for a longer, happier life, so is taking care of the health of your retirement plan. On this episode of Wise Money, Michael Andersen will teach you how to build and maintain a healthy retirement plan to see you through the years ahead.

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Andersen Wins in Metropolitan Magazine 2019 Best Of Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Metropolitan Magazine has named Andersen Wealth Management the Best Investment Company and Best Financial Advisor in the Cambridge and Easton area for 2019!

This is the fourth year Andersen has received the best Best Investment Company and the second time we have gotten the coveted Best Financial Advisor Award!

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How Does The 401(K) Work?

A 401(k) is a type of account offered by your employer where you can choose to save money for you retirement tax deferred. In many cases your employer will match your contribution up to a certain amount which makes the 401(k) a lucrative and reliable manner in which to save for retirement.

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