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Archive for October 2019

Your Ally In Retirement

This week Michael Andersen will go over the best ways to not only find the right financial professional for you, but also tips to help you maintain that relationship throughout your retirement journey.

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Where Are Long-term Versus Short-term Capital Gains?

If you purchase something and sell it for a profit you’ve created a GAIN. The opposite creates a LOSS. A GAIN outside of a retirement account is going to be taxed. Depending upon your income level and how long you owned it before you sold it determines whether or not the gain is short-term or…

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Simplifying Retirement

Retirement isn’t just something that happens, it is a process that takes place over many years and goes through many different phases. Developing a relationship with a financial advisor can take some of the complexity out of the retirement process, making it easier for you to focus on what matters most to you.

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The Purpose of Money

There’s More to it Than You May Think

Imagine this: you plant a beautiful flower garden and tend it faithfully for forty years. You protect it from stormy weather and pests, you never pick its beautiful blooms and you don’t traipse through it for fun. You never even get close enough to smell the fragrant flowers or run your hands through them because you’re focused solely on growing them taller and stronger without hindering their progress.

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Are CD’s Insured by Banks?

CD stands for Certificate of Deposit. It is a loanership investment meaning you are agreeing to loan the bank your money for a predetermined period of time and they are going to pay you interest and returning your money to you at the end of that period. CD’s are guaranteed by the bank, and if…

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When am I Able To Collect Social Security?

Let’s Talk Social Security- If you work for 10 years, you’re generally eligible for benefits as early as the age of 62 unless you are a widow, which you may be eligible for them earlier. Most Americans know when you turn 62, you can claim Social Security. But we also know that isn’t the full…

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