How Can I Maximize my Social Security Benefits?

The amount that you receive from Social Security is based upon your earnings history and the age at which you claim your benefit. Some people who are married or who have been married, may be able to engage in Spousal Claiming Strategies. A series of ways to claim off of a spouse or former spouse…

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Taking an Interest in Interest Rates

In retirement it’s not about how much money you have, it’s about how much income you have, and depending on your retirement plan that income may be tied to interest rates. On this episode of Wise Money, Michael Andersen will guide you through the potential impacts fluctuating interest rates can have on your retirement.

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Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

If your only income is Social Security, chances are it’s going to be tax-free. If you have other forms of reported income, it could count towards a formula called provisional income, which determines whether or not your Social Security benefit is partially or nearly fully taxed. If you’re concerned about the taxation of Social Security,…

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Thanksgiving is a Good Time to Discuss Estate Planning

estate planning
Family Gatherings are Prime Opportunities for Discussions About the Future

Do you subscribe to the belief that family gatherings aren’t an appropriate place to discuss things like politics, religion or money? Many people feel this way, causing them to put off financial discussions about the future for another time. However, when your family is gathered together celebrating Thanksgiving and you’re feeling gratitude for the loved ones around you, it can open the door for important money conversations that impact your family’s future.

Why You Should Never Neglect Estate Planning

Topics such as where your assets will go when you die can be uncomfortable to broach, but estate planning is integral to your family’s financial future. Establishing a thoughtful succession plan using a document like a will or a living trust can benefit your whole family and ensure your wishes will be met. Ideally, you should have these plans in place before an emergency occurs, and while the oldest members of the family are still in good health, both physically and mentally.

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Constructing Your Retirement Readiness Plan

Anyone can retire, the real question is are you ready to afford your retirement? On this episode of WiseMoney, Michael Andersen will go over the steps you need to take to increase your readiness for retirement so that you can relax and enjoy the retirement you worked so hard to create.

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How Do I Need For Retirement

Mandatory Expenses: -Food. -Fuel. -Healthcare. Are your mandatory Expenses Covered? Then you can look at essential expenses like: -Pensions. -Annuities. -401 (k). -IRA. -Retirement Account. With these essential expenses you are actually paying to increase your net worth in the future.

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